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Quality is the basic feature in the design of all these products, because it is what defines the product you are purchasing. To achieve the highest level of quality, Jormax applies in production processes innovative and simplified techniques in order to produce faster and greater products, minimizing the appearance of products which are not in accordance in the production line.

Raw material

All the raw material that enters the production is pre-tested, measured and meticulously analyzed by our technical team, being proved their specific characteristics, such as the appearance and color of the material, hardness, thickness and profile, in the specific case of aluminum.


During production and assembly of articles, advanced processes based on ISO9001 standard are applied to reduce and almost eliminate the possibility of mistakes, ensuring that the final product does not have manufacturing defects. All of them are still in line with EN 131 standard which determines that all standard features for lifting products as defining specific measures for their production and mandatory components to ensure safe use.


All the products are normally packed in a transparent retractable plastic packaging that protect them from weather and transport conditions, in order to be delivered to the consumer exactly in the same condition they left Jormax.

Quality Control

Prior to packaging, there is a final inspection on all these products, checking the lack of manufacturing defects, dents, scratches, defective parts, dimensions, stability, among other features. In the end, the consumer will be able to enjoy a safe lifting article , reliable, made ​​according the European standards and which will fulfill its function for many years without any problems. To take away all your worries, this company offers full warranty on all its items.


Jormax policy established that whenever a new product is launched in the consumer market, it must be previously tested to confirm its quality, stability and security. Therefore, when you purchase a product with Jormax brand, you can be sure that it has undergone rigorous independent laboratory tests and certificates.


The products this company develops always follow the quality management principles from the perspective of continuous improvement. Therefore, this company has always in mind the following points:
- Innovation and continuous stimulation;
- Full quality assurance in the marketed product;
- Continuous monitoring of quality standards achieved over time;
- Fulfilling of the quality and safety standards of each product;
- Promotion and encouragement for adoption of safety requirements in the use of products by consumers.