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Palco 2

Double-sided platform ladder with reinforced steps and wheels

Double sided ladder with platform (60x80 cm), guardrail and handrail (option) made of extruded ribbed aluminium rectangular tube side-rails. The ladder comes in disassembled parts (for freight costs reasons) and can be easily assembled thanks to the detailed instructions manual.

Automatic braking device: it becomes operative when the ladder is in working position and the user is climbing the ladder. When the user goes down, the braking system is no more operative and the ladder can be easily moved.

Rung depth: 20 cm
Capacity 150 kg
Ramp profile: 58x25 mm
Distance between steps: 23 cm
Toeboard height 6 cm
Large platform 60x80 cm
Ramp width: 60 cm
Ramp inclination: 55°
Self braking wheels Ø 125 mm
No. of rungs: 4 to 8
Platform height: 0,96 m to 1,92 m

Guardrail on the two free sides
2 wheels with brake + 2 self-braking
Label and instructions for assembly and use
Thermo-shrinkable plastic package with showcard

On request
Ramp handrail (starting from 4 rungs ladders)
Ladder without castors
Pre-assembled ladder
Ladder without side handrails

IMPORTANT: If working platform height is more than 1 m, handrail is mandatory on each side.

Palco 2

Palco 2

Palco 2  Palco 2  Palco 2