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Safety first.
Read carefully.

1. Inspect in the reception and before each use. Never climb a damaged or broken ladder. All parts must be in good conditions.
2. Make sure that all rivets gaskets, nuts and bolts are tight; that the steps, brackets and connections are fixed; that clamps work properly.
3. Keep the equipment clean, free of lubricants, oils, mud, snow, fresh paint and other slippery substances. Keep your shoes clean. Leather soles should not be used.
4. Never carry out temporary repairs on damaged or missing parts.
5. Destroy the ladder if it is broken, worn out or has been exposed to fire or chemical corrosion.

Proper Installation
1. Danger! The metal is electrically conductive. Do not allow ladders or any material from coming into contact with wires of electric current.
2. Make sure that the ladder is fully open and fixed clamps.
3. Place on a firm surface and secure with chocks. Do not use on slippery surfaces. Do not place on boxes, unstable bases or scaffolds to gain additional height. Do not place the ladder toward the opening of a door.

Correct Use
1. Do not use ladders if you: tire easily, easily faint, are under the influence of drugs or medicines, endowed with some physical ailment.
2. To protect children, do not let the ladder set up and unattended.
3. Stand facing the ladder when climbing and descending. Keep your body centered between the side rails.
4. Do not try to reach difficult places. Move the ladder whenever is necessary.
5. Do not walk or run on the steps of the ladder.
6. Do not use an excessive load. The steps of the ladder are intended only to an individual. Do not use as a platform or base board.
7. Keep the ladder next to the work. Avoid pulling or pushing to the side.

Care and proper storage
1. Store the ladder in a safe and dry place.
2. Hold the ladder well and support during the respective transportation.
3. Never store materials on the ladder.
4. Keep the ladder clean and free of all foreign materials.

1. Clean the surface of the steps with water only.
2. Do not use products that degrade plastic materials, such as acetone and trichlorethylene.
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